Each year, we partner with Resurrection City Church and Pastor Dave Andreson in the Avondale suburb of Chicago. Resurrection City Church commissions projects in exchange for rent-free space for their weekly services and activities. In past years, we have rehabbed a school dance studio, as well as a culinary classroom. Avondale is one of Chicago's 77 communities, located northwest of downtown proper. It is 2 square miles with approximately 46,000 people—a community largely hispanic and latino in nature—of whom Resurrection City Church estimates 85% are unchurched.

2016 Recap

In 2016, we sent a team of 5 to partner with Resurrection City Church to assist with some remodel projects in the location where they were meeting for worship, Carl von Linne Public Elementary School. For many on the trip, it was their first mission trip experience ever. We stayed at Rockwell Community Center where, guess what, Maryville Christian School's 8th grade class was also there for the week participating in their own mission work! It was really great to be able to share that space with them for the week. We discovered very quickly amongst our group of 5 that we collaborate best when we divide and conquer into our various talents and skill sets...from cutting wood, mudding, caulking, painting doors, painting walls, working on counter tops, etc. Our days were long, but our days were good. The Good Lord brought us there to do His work, to be His hands and feet, out in the open.  Lives were being changed as the unchurched saw the church of God serving. At the end of our week, we were then able to join the members of Resurrection City Church for worship before returning back to Maryville. We look forward to returning to Avondale in 2017 and see what projects may lie ahead as we once again partner with Resurrection City Church.