• To work with Club 180 ministers to the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of young people.

2015 Recap

For several years, we've teamed up with Club 180 Ministry to reach out to the young people of Cumberland, KY in order to develop Kingdom-builders & world-changers. Through tutoring, art classes, cooking classes, book clubs, and providing hot meals for kids that may not have access to meals at home, Club 180 has become a haven for children in need. Club 180 also reaches out to parents that are struggling to get their children out of foster care, by supplying court-ordered parenting classes.  

This year, our Cumberland mission effort was underway before our team was ever assembled.  In June, our Vacation Bible School (VBS) kids were put on a mission to raise money to bless the kids of Cumberland with a playground. The VBS kids stepped up to the challenge and succeeded in supplying quality playground equipment. Our missions team was then assembled to install the playground. 

When our team arrived in Cumberland, we were faced with steep & windy roads up into the mountains and rainy weather from tropical storm Erika. Each day we were there it rained, but that didn't stop us. Not only were we able to install the playground, but we also added baseboards and trim to several areas in Club 180 and interacted with some of the teens that Club 180 serves.

During our trip, the women of our group helped stock the shelves at a local store called, Esther House, a safe place that empowers women and children suffering from domestic violence, assists families stricken by poverty, and helps moms that are in need of diapers, formula, and children's clothes.

Cumberland quickly became more than just a construction trip--we met the children that would benefit from the playground we were installing, we branched out and established relationships with some incredibly selfless women, and were inspired by a talented philanthropist who teaches the art of stained-glass to students, sells their work, and uses the proceeds to create a hidden savings account for the student who created the artwork. It was so refreshing to see that there is still good in the world and it's our responsibility to keep it going.