Houston Disaster Relief

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FBMaryville is providing three ways to help with the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Houston. 

1.  Give - You can support the recovery by donating to the Disaster Relief Ministry of the Southern Baptist Convention through the Illinois Baptist State Association. Click on the IBSA link and scroll down to the Disaster Relief section and then click on the amount you would like to give. The Disaster Relief Ministry of the Southern Baptist Convention is the third largest Disaster Relief organization in the country behind FEMA and The Red Cross. 

2.  Go - Our church will be organizing a trip to Houston in 2018. We will be working with the efforts of Houston's First Baptist Church. HFBC is serving as the headquarters for SBC Disaster Relief and Samaritans Purse in the Houston area. Details regarding dates and cost of this trip will be forthcoming. 

3.  Pray - We will be providing a prayer list of items for which we can be praying for Houston in the coming days.

4. Pack the Trailer -  To get a list of items to donate to the Help for Houston trailer leaving Monday, 9/18, click here.