Our Mission

To be a point of entry and connection to our community while embodying Christian values through women's fitness

  • FAITHFit supports women to personally strive for God’s best in physical, mental, and spiritual health and to model healthy living in their families, churches, and communities.
  • The “FAITH” in FAITHFit stands for “Finding Abundance in Total Health."

We Serve

  • Women Age 14+
  • Church Members & Non-Members

Ministry Schedule

Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays with our year broken into four sessions—winter, spring, summer, and fall. New participants can start at any time. 

  • Winter 2016 Session: 1/5 - 3/24 | Membership Deadline: 1/8
  • Spring 2016 Session: 3/29 - 6/16 | Membership Deadline: 4/1
  • Summer 2016 Session: 6/28 - 9/15 | Membership Deadline: 7/1
    • There will be no classes on Thursday, 8/4.
  • Fall 2016 Session: 9/20 - 12/8 | Membership Deadline: 9/23

Classes vary by session. For full details, see our FAITHFit calendar

We offer complimentary childcare for all classes.

Our Volunteers

If you have a heart for God and helping other women get fit, we will find a place for you to serve!

  • All FAITHFit Instructors are certified.