Love Everyone

There are two types of people in the world. Pencil lovers and pen lovers. I, am a pencil lover. It may have to do with how many mistakes I make. But, it’s not just the erasability; it’s the way the lead feels on the paper, it’s the way my handwriting changes as the lead is used at a certain angle, it’s the smell of the shavings. Let me show you what’s so great about pencils.

Go gather as many pencils as you can find in your house. Go on. I’ll wait.

Okay, look at them. There’s certainly a variety there (especially if you’re a pencil lover, like me). My collection includes standard #2s, some holiday pencils, a couple of Star Wars numbers, a REALLY long one from Disney World, one with rocks in it, mechanical pencils, colored-lead pencils, multi-colored-lead pencils, golf pencils, the ones with individual lead cartridges, some leftover chunky preschool pencils, pencils with erasers, pencils without erasers, 0.7mm lead, 0.9mm lead, 0.5mm lead, a double eraser pencil (what?), and a roofer’s pencil. What did I tell you? Variety!

The beauty of this collection is that each serves a different purpose, but each serves that purpose beautifully. If I need to take a standardized test - #2. If I have a map to fill in – colored lead. If I need to mark down my hole in one at putt putt – golf pencil. If I need to keep a rhythm while I’m writing – that rock filled number will do the trick. If I need one to stay put – that roofer’s pencil gets the call (it’s flat).

Now, I’m not really concerned about whether you’re a pen lover or a pencil lover. It is easy to see that each writing utensil has its purpose. What I am concerned about is how we love the people around us. Our first inclination is often just to notice how someone is different from us. Do we see the value and unique design of our Creator in each of them?

The Bible tells us that we are each created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27) and that His thoughts toward those He created are vast and precious (Psalm 139). He loves each of us unconditionally. So much so, He sent His Son to die for us. 

Understanding this can help us get past different to uniquely and lovingly created. No matter if we’re sharp, dull, rather mechanical, short, long, thin, chunky, standard, flat, differently colored, or even filled with rocks, He loves us. And as He loves us, we should love each other (I John 4:7 - 21). So take a look around at the wonderful variety God has created in us. Celebrate the different gifts, appearances, personalities, and abilities that He has placed in each of us. For when we love those He created, we are really showing the Creator that we love Him, too.

- Guest Blogger, Leah Kirk, and the Next Generation Team


Published on by First Baptist Maryville.