Thinking about teaching your family the value of prayer can seem a little like trying to relocate the ocean one teaspoonful at a time. A daunting task indeed! After all, there is also an ocean full of resources available on the subject. So where do you start? Do you grab a book? Do you start with an acronym like ACTS? Do you look at prayers in the Bible? Do you teach them the 3 Ps of prayer (ask Pastor Nate ☺)?

It’s enough to make your head swim. And while we can never fully convey all there is to know about prayer, the measure we pour into our family’s lives can be an incredible source of comfort, power, and strength. But then we’re back to the question of where to start. 

Let me throw you a lifeline:

Just pray.

There. That was easy.

Okay, to be more specific: this is a value that will be just as much caught as taught. Each day will provide its own unique opportunities for prayer. As parents, we just need to recognize those moments, both small and large.

On an unexpectedly sunny day in winter, praise God for His creation and thank Him for the break. When you get good news at work, thank Him for the way He provides for your needs. If someone is worried about a test, pray and ask Him to provide wisdom and peace (Philippians 4:6 - 7). Discover that the new neighbors don’t know Christ; pray for chances to show them God’s love and wonderful plan for their lives.

If it is the first action of your family in response to anything (crisis, decision-making, opportunities, blessings, questions, etc.), it will become a vital part of who you are.

***This month, Pastor Tom is preaching a series on prayer. (Convenient, right?) Look and listen for ways that your family can become more involved in the prayer life of our church. Here’s an easy one: use your Worship Guide as a way to pray for our church each week.


Published on by First Baptist Maryville.