Lord, grant me patience – now.

We live in an always “on” world. We can be constantly connected to an overwhelming amount of options and information right in our hands. Maybe you are experiencing that at this very moment.

We have thousands of entertainment options available at the touch of a button. We can communicate in real-time with employers, friends, acquaintances, and complete strangers. We can research, compare, and purchase items without ever touching them first.

But this world of instant gratification, instant messaging, and Instagram also creates in us an inability to wait. We are quickly losing the virtue of patience. “Why is this taking so long to download?” Sound familiar?

I am by no means, anti-technology. It can be a wonderful tool for many things. But our main operating system is humanity, and we don’t update instantaneously. That’s something we all need to learn. Life’s challenges don’t always come with immediate solutions. Learning how to handle that time of waiting and struggle can be critical to relationships, careers, finances, and even health. Helping our families learn to do these with smaller situations early, can help them apply what they’ve learned to the bigger pieces later.

One of the greatest things we can teach them is that, as believers, we have access to an enormous source of patience--our Heavenly Father. His Spirit working in us is able to produce patience beyond our own (Galatians 5:22). So look at the application guides that will be posted next week. Take some time to practice them with your children, and maybe even for yourself. The supernatural update that can happen will make facing life’s glitches easier.

- Guest Blogger, Leah Kirk, and the Next Generation Team


Published on by First Baptist Maryville.