Old Faithful

When you saw this title, did you immediately think of the geyser located in Yellowstone? That’s understandable. The Wyoming phenomenon received its name in 1870 from a party of explorers who were amazed at its consistency. Regardless of external conditions, this geyser continues its geological mission with great dependability.

But that’s not the “Old Faithful” I meant.  No, I’m talking about the prophet Jeremiah. And while his contemporaries might not have set their watches by him, he was nonetheless reliable.

Jeremiah served as a prophet under some pretty tough external conditions. The leaders of Judah had been hauled off to Babylon. The remaining children of Israel were not too happy to hear the words of warning and chastisement that Jeremiah was called to deliver.

But regardless of humiliation, threat, imprisonment, direct defiance, ridicule, and false accusations, Old Faithful continued. The people never did listen. In Jeremiah’s lifetime, they didn’t change. Still, he continued to faithfully prophesy the word of the Lord. 

How did he do it, year after year, with absolutely NO encouragement from the people to whom God had joined him? Jeremiah knew something that we often forget. His first obligation of faithfulness was to God.

The essence of being true to God and allowing God’s character to be displayed not only in his words, but in his life, was at the core of who Jeremiah was as a person.

And isn’t that what faithfulness in all aspects of our lives is about? It is a choice to consistently depend on our “Eternally Faithful” God to do what He promises to do in our lives. We can only be faithful to others, when we are first faithful to Him.

Forget about your watch--that’s a truth you can set your life by.

- Guest Blogger, Leah Kirk, and the Next Generation Team


Published on by First Baptist Maryville.