Perseverance may be the hardest value to learn. It is born from hardships compressed under the stress of time. It is revealed by fire and trials, by chisel and hammer.

Watching our children learn perseverance is tough for parents. We can be so tempted to reach in and let them off the hook or put out the fire, but invaluable lessons come in the crucible.

As we endure hardship, we learn to rely on Christ. We find out what is really important to us and about us. We gain strength to face larger challenges. We discover what can be revealed in us as our rough exterior is worn away.

So, hands off, parents. Let God's hands be the ones to mold and shape their lives through the struggle. Use yours to hug, support, clap, cheer, pray, and fist pump when they make it through.


Published on by First Baptist Maryville.