“Family” means many different things to many different people. Some might say their co-workers are their "family." Others might say that their closest friends are like “family” to them. Still, others would say that parents and children make up a “family.” While we may not know who makes up your family, we do know that every family is knit together for the purpose of reflecting God’s glory and love. Every family is unique. Every family is precious. Every family has value--but not every family has values

Family values are not an old-fashioned idea. Believe it or not, you are unknowingly teaching your family to value something everyday. Some values are naturally picked up by the next generation, like working hard. Other values must be expressly taught and explained, like self-control. Bottom line, if the next generation is to know what to value, it must be intentionally passed on to them.   

Throughout 2014, the Next Generation ministries of our church will be partnering with you to introduce family values and give guidance on teaching these values to the next generation. Each month, we will focus on one value and provide you with a short article to read and practical steps/tools listed for every age group (preschool, children, students, young adults) to help put these values into practice. Check out our blog for tips and tools for putting each value into practice in your own home.