• Each team member shared a testimony of how God changed their life
  • Our team will help lead people to Christ

2015 Recap

We are one of the many churches that partner with the Dakota Baptist Convention (DBC) to share the Gospel with thousands of people each year at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally--the largest single bike rally in the world--held in the small town of Sturgis, SD. Since 1938, bikers from all over the world ride out to Sturgis for some good ol' racing and biker networking. In 2006, the DBC launched the sturgisbikegiveaway.com Evangelism Ministry--a ministry that purchases a Harley Davidson Motorcycle to give away at the end of the rally each year. Our people then travel to Sturgis in August to share a 3-minute story about how Jesus changed their life--all the bikers have to do is listen and then they're registered for the bike giveaway.


On our trip to Sturgis this past year, a brief rain shower caused us to make an unplanned stop. While we waited for the weather to clear up, we came across other bikers and shared with them about the bike giveaway and gave them tickets to our tent. After getting back on the road, we passed a horrific motorcycle crash with several fatalities. We were deeply saddened by seeing this, being reminded that life is a vapor and can vanish in a second--even more reason to make it to the Motorcycle Rally and share His word while there is still breath in our lungs.

The first day of the Rally had brought a much larger and much wilder group than past years. After the day was over, our team alone had lead 6 people to Christ. Speaking over the constant revving of bike engines and trying to catch people walking by the tent to get their attention is harder than it seems. At the end of each day, we were exhausted but grateful to be playing our parts in God's grander story.

After all was said and done, over 507 souls were saved--our team helped bring about 20 people to know Jesus. It was an incredible experience that we're more than excited to take part in next year!