Who We Can Help

  • It is the FBCM policy to help meet the short-term needs of those within our community.
  • Our policy allows us to provide assistance to FBCM members.
  • Our policy allows us to provide assistance to the local community that live in Maryville, Troy, Glen Carbon, Edwardsville, and Collinsville. 
  • If you live outside of our community, we recommend that you build a relationship with a local church and become part of a family that can work together to meet your needs. 
  • For applicants that are members, or attendees, of another church, we ask that you make your need known to your church family before you submit an application to FBCM. If they cannot meet your needs, please help us to understand the situation and why they are unable to meet your needs. 

Available Help

  • All help is intended to be one-time assistance to meet an immediate, unexpected need.
  • FBCM is unable to sustain a family on a long-term basis. 
  • FBCM members may submit a second application for help, and it will be considered on the basis of extenuating circumstances, time since last helped, and level of previous help.
  • One expectation for our FBCM members is to go through financial counseling to better understand the underlying situation. 

The Process

  • Every applicant must come to the church office during business hours (8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday) to request and complete an Application for Assistance.
  • Every attempt will be made to expedite each request placed with FBCM, and we understand that some needs come up quite unexpectedly. But, please understand that this process may take several days to a week to complete. Immediate responses are not possible. 
  • If you have not been contacted by someone from FBCM after seven days, please contact the church office (618.667.8221) to ask where your application stands.