Thursday, April 9

Day 2

Day two in Chicago. The day to begin. We planned this to be a very long day. We really wanted to get a jump start on everything because we wanted there to be plenty of time to make sure everything was in good shape and done before we left. It feels like we spent much of our day running to Home Depot. The store then thought the credit card was stolen because of the unusual activity in an area outside of Maryville. All was taken care of and though we felt like we lost time, God's timing is perfect and we won't question it. Storms were rolling through all day so the prayer walk is on hold for better weather. But we were able to get a couple coats of paint on the walls, cubbies built, and started on the benches. The best part was seeing the faces of the teachers and the principal. They are so excited! They had to lock the school up at 4:30 so we were out early, losing about 4 hours of work time we planned on, but God's timing is not flawed. There is no doubt we probably needed the rest and the time to get to know each other as a team. Chicago style deep dish pizza here we come!

It is a bit different being in Cubs country as Cardinal fans. Prayers are all we have to offer them. Just kidding of course, we had a great Cubs fan on our team and I have a better appreciation for them all.

We are in need of prayer for the weather to cooperate. And there is one wall that is really deteriorated and won't take the anchors needed to put the benches in. We are praying for a solution to that. The house we are sleeping in has been incredibly cold. Praying for a warmer more restful night.

These are "before" photos of the room we are working to transform into a dance studio.

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