Friday, April 10

Day 3

We are to Friday now. Pastor Tim will be headed home and Pastor Paul will be coming with three more team members. Praying a lot while working for safe travels for all. Because we lost so much work time yesterday, we got up extra early and got there to get a head start today. We were able to get a solid 10 hours of work in. I am pleased to say the benches have been anchored to the wall and the paint and trim is looking fabulous. This morning when we walked in, we found all of the custodial staff standing in the room and simply amazed at the transformation. Before the trip there was some concern that the custodial staff or the teachers would not like that a church was coming in to do work. Many of the schools in Chicago refuse to let churches in to help. But throughout this process they have been nothing but pleased, excited and appreciative. Today I know we are here to minister to the staff as much as the children. 

Praise God, Pastor Paul and the rest of the team arrived safely. A little hiccup getting stuck in traffic and being later than expected, but they were able to help us accomplish much before the school was locked up. And they wanted to experience Chicago Style deep dish as well, so same restaurant two days in a row. We chose a different location this time so we wouldn't look too silly. One can only laugh. Great time again getting to know each other. And once again, the rain started after they arrived. God is terrific! And, the house was much warmer and we slept more comfortably. God really is so good to us!

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