Saturday, April 11

Day 4

Today will be our last day of work. We touched up the paint, put some finishing touches on the benches, rehung the wall art and cleaned up the floors. With a little time to spare, we even moved and put away several large tables and dozens of chairs that were waiting for the custodial staff to move on Monday. I pray it speaks to their heart that someone cares for them. I took the time today to do the prayer walk within the school itself. The school has about 650 children. The neighborhood is changing, its becoming trendy and rent is going up. Many of the families simply can't afford the rent and are moving. But this school is a successful, high performance public school. Attendance rates are over 95%. So parents are trying to find a way to bring the children back anyway. They serve pre-K through 8th grade. It's a huge 4 story building with multiple annexes. Quite large for just 650 students, but they maintain great science and art classrooms. They keep things like botany classrooms full of plants, bee hives on the roof for study, and multiple art options including fused glass and pottery. They even have an auditorium with a stage. This is where the church holds services. As I walked through the school and stopped at each classroom to pray, I found myself praying for the safety of the children. Praying that the school would remain a safe place for them to grow and learn and prayerfully get to know God through the people who come to serve in His name. Every team member eventually took their own walk through the school, exploring and praying. I can feel God moving there. The first church service for Resurrection Church was Easter Sunday and they had 150 in attendance. Then nearly 600 children showed up for an Easter Egg hunt. This is a place in need of much ministry. The school is even letting the church use their facility to hold a soccer camp this summer for the children. God is working in this place and I am so happy that He allowed us to be a part of it. 

It's now time for a little fun with the mission team. After finishing at the school, we bought our metro passes and headed to downtown Chicago. We went to the Hancock Building (not all went up, heights are not my thing:-) We grabbed a late lunch and then journeyed over to Navy Pier. Ferris Wheel, Water, and Garret's Popcorn. From Navy Pier we headed to Millennium Park but took a wrong turn. No biggie, God blessed us with sending us on His path rather than our own and we stumbled upon a taping of the tv show Chicago Fire. We joined the crowd in watching the scene of a car fire. That episode is due to air April 21st at 9pm on NBC. Take a look, its possible we could be seen walking by. We did walk down the street the cameras were shooting towards, but not sure they were actually on. We did make our way to Millennium Park and saw the Bean statue and a couple more. Then to Starbucks to recharge (our phones and ourselves). From there we headed to a cute little 80s themed coffee shop in Wicker Park. It was a really nice night. Lots of walking that did a job on some of us older folks, but well worth it.

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