Scope of Counseling Services

Pastoral counseling services focus on a wide array of emotional and spiritual challenges faced by many Christians.

The counseling provided addresses the following predominate areas:

  • Premarriage
  • Marriage Relationships
  • Worry
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Panic Attacks
  • Dealing with Personal Loss/Grieving
  • Bitterness
  • Spousal Abuse
  • Homosexuality
  • Sexual Abuse

Some clients with these particular issues may also fall within an area of counseling services not provided at FBCM. If this is the case that person will not be seen for counseling. For other areas of counseling not mentioned, an initial assessment may be completed and then the client may be referred to the most appropriate source of care which may include outside sources of counseling, special support groups, and sources of interpersonal mentoring. Because the demand for FBCM Pastoral Counseling is often greater than the ability of FBCM to satisfy this demand, FBCM will give first priority to members and frequent attendees. Counseling service may be provided to friends and family members that do not attend FBCM, but these services will be limited to the extent that the pastoral counselors can fulfill their primary responsibilities to FBCM members and attendees. In all cases, counseling will only be continued if appropriate progress is being achieved. All individuals/couples will be seen at least one time if the area of concern falls within the scope of counseling services described previously. *The final decision on whether a potential client will be seen or referred will be based upon the judgment of the counselor. The above criteria should be considered a framework for screening rather than an absolute list of rules.

Provision of Counseling Services

Request for Services: To request counseling services the client should call FBCM and make an initial request through the Pastoral Care Administrative Assistant. All inquiries will be handled in strict confidence.

Provision of Appropriate Services: The Administrative Assistant will ensure that the requested services fall within the scope of services provided, by using a brief screening form. If falling beyond the scope of services, the Administrative Assistant will help refer the client to the most appropriate source of counseling or support group care. The Pastoral Counselor may also help with this referral.

Initial Assessment: Counseling will begin with an initial assessment which will generally require one or two sessions. Upon completion of the initial assessment, the counselor will determine how the client may receive the most appropriate care which may include continued counseling, referral to another outside counseling source, referral to an appropriate support group, personal mentoring, or any mix of these services.

Continued Counseling: If the most appropriate source of care is within the scope of counseling services provided by FBCM, then counseling will begin with up to an initial 5 sessions. Upon completion of the initial counseling sessions, continuation of counseling will be evaluated based upon continued client need, progress made by counseling provided, the appropriateness of counseling as opposed to other sources of care, and the demand for counseling from other clients in need. Continuation of counseling will be evaluated periodically.