Dominican Republic
Baseball Clinic

Together with The Cercadillo Project, we travel to the Dominican Republic (DR) in order to further develop disciples of Jesus while also empowering the people of Cercadillo through education and providing baseball camps. Baseball is very popular in the DR, so hosting baseball camps for boys & young men is a great way to reach out to the community for Christ. In the Cercadillo village, the women and children are typically the only ones who attend church. Our goal for DR is to reach out to boys & young men in order to establish relationships with Christ and encourage them to attend church on a regular basis.


2017 DR Baseball Trip Recap


Béisbol Camp was completed!  We finished the week with a bang by letting the 95 campers play simulated yet still very competitive games within each of the three age divisions.  The 16-17-year-olds come very close to upsetting the Americanos in our annual Dominicanos vs Americanos game! Their pitching just didn’t hold up late in the contest but they played a very good game implementing many skills learned during the week. The youngest kids played a few great games of Wiffle ball and enjoyed the other competitive games that they participated in. The rest of the early aged teenagers loved their own split division games as well!  It was a very great end to camp full of many different games!

We were able to continue our discussions on what it means to be a Christian man. We focused our talks on self-control and why it is so important for one to demonstrate this skill in their faith in addition to on the ballfields. The campers, and likewise ourselves cannot believe how fast the week went! Even with rain hitting us off and on the last few days, everyone made the most out of the time working with Ina and her Cercadillo community! Thank you, Ina!! Thank you to the boys and young men of Cercadillo for allowing us to come for another year and partake in their community. We look forward to the next trip and more baseball together soon!