DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Construction Trip 2017 Recap


Group helping with foundation.jpg

Day one: We worked on pouring the foundation for the bathhouse. When we got to the village the hole was dug, so we tied the rebar and mixed and moved all the concrete to make the foundation. We were able to do 2 days work in about 4 1/2 hours with the help of the students from Bethany College.

Day two.. it rained all day.. so we made a storage box for Ina, and helped her move some shelves and put in a new freezer into a very small room.

Day three it also rained all day, but we found something to do. We went shopping for some materials to build some tables to be used in the village. Yes we that is plastic wrap holding it on to the car. And a few photos of the beginning of the tables.
Here are the finished tables for the village. It took us a 2 1/2 day to build 8 tables. But we got them completed. We also build the doors for the bathhouse (3 rd pic) they are the big blue things in the background

Here is the last day. We went to a small airport to pick up the mail, and help deliver it to all the other missionaries (last 5 pics) and then we were able to go spend about an hour in the historical district. Wow I could spend days there. All the buildings, the church, and fort were from Christopher Columbus time period. 
They completed the bathhouse on Friday the 24th. And there you can see the doors we made a little better.