DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Vision Trip 2016 Recap


The DR Vision: 
God has given us His vision here! We will be coming alongside the Dominican people to teach and train them on how to take charge of their own community and health. We will bring a small medical team to train a few of the community leaders about general first aid (plus a little more). The construction team will come in to help build bath houses for Dominican families. We are excited that we will also be able to add an additional well later this year. It is our vision that the children of the Dominican will become a people who are God-loving and will have a true hope for the future. We are definitely touching a tomorrow that we will never see.

First Day: Our vision team met at the church this morning at 3:45 a.m. to head off to the airport. We had a short layover in Miami and landed in Santo Domingo at 1:30 p.m. The missionary, Ina, along with her sweet intern, Rebecca, picked us up at the airport. We enjoyed a nice lunch by the ocean before heading back to The Time House, where we are staying. The drive from our lunch stop to The Time House took approximately 3 hours instead of the usual 45 minutes due to numerous traffic jams. During the drive, we had the opportunity to learn about each other and learn everyone's passion for serving God. It was incredible to hear Ina speak of the exciting life changes God has made in the DR in the past 9 years. The most recent addition to the area is a basketball court. Ina tells us that it is drawing in older boys to their complex. She was excited to let us know that the Dominicans are beginning to become more proactive with their own medical care, which is a praise! We are all anxiously awaiting our meeting tomorrow with the Ina and the DR Health Team as we seek God's direction here in Cercadillo!

Second Day in the DR | Vision Trip: 
Wow!! What an awesome day as we met with Ina and the Cercadillo Community Health representatives. God is definitely moving here. One particular lady who stood out to us was named Elida. Elida gave her testimony of how she was a mean spirited woman in the past; however once coming to hear God's Word and learning how to read the Bible and apply Biblical truths, she is now someone who is praying for the needs of others and assisting with the children's ministry.