Vocal Workshop

Location: First Baptist Maryville  |  Ministries: fbmworship

Saturday, September 28 | 1:30 p.m. | Chapel

One of our team's core values is to constantly be learning and developing. If you're not on a path of continual growth, eventually you'll find yourself trying to draw water from a dry well.

This fall we're putting together some events designed to develop and sharpen the skills and talents God has given you.

On Saturday, September 28, we're hosting a vocal workshop at 1:30 PM in the chapel. This event will be focused on the worship leaders and front singers for the student and adult worship bands; however, anyone is welcome to attend and observe. Please take a moment and fill out the registration form for the workshop (below). This will give us an idea of how many participants to plan for. Also, if you'll be in need childcare, there's a spot on the form where you can request it.