Our Mission

To take Agua Blanca from surviving to thriving, and to be a beacon of God’s hope for the region and the world. 

About Agua Blanca

Agua Blanca is located in northeastern Honduras. Agua Blanca sits on highway ___.  It located approximately one hour from the northern coast of Honduras and approximately 6 hours North from the capitol city of Tegucigalpa. There are approximately 530 people who live in Agua Blanca. They have approximately 160 children who attend kindergarten through sixth grade.  The primary language for the country and the region of northeastern Honduras is Spanish. As is with much of the region, there are many mountains and valleys. Agriculture is a big part of their current economy. Villagers grow beans, plantains, coffee, and other local items.  Often times they are able to grow just enough for their family. Jobs and opportunities in the region are sparse.  There are five churches in Agua Blanca. They include a Catholic Church, Assembly’s of God Church, Church of God, Mennonite Church, and a Seventh Day Adventist Church.