Our Mission

To take Agua Blanca from surviving to thriving, and to be a beacon of God’s hope for the region and the world. 

Our Purpose

Our Team is dedicated to changing the landscape of northeastern Honduras. The epicenter for this transformation begins with the village of Agua Blanca. It is our belief that God wants to take this region from merely surviving to a state of abundance and thriving. It is our belief that God will create innumerable amount of opportunities in this region. God will be a magnet for this region and catapult northeastern Honduras to a thriving Christ focused region. It is our belief that with hard work, Agua Blanca and northeastern Honduras will begin to show up on the map.  

Our goal is to stay in alignment with God in the vision he has given us. Our passion and excitement are high to do God’s will in Agua Blanca. His blessing continues to rain down on each faithful step we take in Honduras.  It is our belief that God’s work has already begun in this region, he’s just looking for more people to come on board with their prayers, time, and resources.