October 2014

Food for Thought

"Growth spurt." Those words alone can send any parent into panic about the contents of the fridge, pantry, and bank account. Why? We know that growing bodies need lots of good fuel, or they won't be strong. Worse yet, they'll be grumpy! 

We make sure to have what the stretching physical frames in our family need. But what about their expanding spiritual lives? And ours, for that matter?

What are we stocking in our spiritual pantries? Are our bookshelves still packed with baby food, or are we helping them cut stronger spiritual teeth than that? Maybe it's time to take inventory.

Our students may be in the midst of the most important growth spurts of their lives. They are discovering what it really means to have a personal relationship with God. They are learning how to spend time with Him daily--to feed on His word, to drink up His presence, to rest in His love. 

All these make for healthy growth for them (and for us all, really). And unlike other growth spurts, this one doesn't have to end. The more we feast on Him, the hungrier and thirstier we get for Him.

It's a growth spurt that can last a lifetime! Now say a quick prayer of thanks that the physical ones don't.


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