September 2014

This Month's Checkpoint: Authentic Faith

Principle: God can be trusted. He will do what He has promised He will do.

Authentic diamonds can cut glass. Authentic diamonds are formed by massive amounts of time and pressure. Authentic diamonds sometimes bear unique marks of the circumstances in which they were formed.

While both may sparkle, only one is really worth having: the authentic diamond.

Some people have a lab-created faith. It might look okay from a distance, but put it under pressure, study it under a microscope, try to cut your way out of a glass box, and it will crumble. It’s not worth much.

This month we want to give your family the chance to polish your faith. Gather everyone up for the following…

Pop Quiz (no groaning of eye-rolling!)

Mark which one of the statements is true for each topic.  Discuss why. 


  • Good Christians don’t have pain or disappointment.

  • God uses our pain and disappointment to make us better Christians.


  • God wants to make us into the image of Jesus.
  • God wants to make us happy.

How have you seen these truths in your own lives?

Maybe you realize you’ve been carrying around something less than authentic faith. Do we have an offer for you! You can possess this priceless gift today at absolutely NO COST to you. Don’t pay shipping and handling! Don’t wait 6 - 8 weeks for delivery! The price has already been paid. All you have to do is receive God’s precious gift to you. Then, watch as he uses the circumstances of your life to polish that authentic faith until it gleams.


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