Recap: Ultimate Authority, Session 4 - Human Authority

Text: 1 Peter 5:5

Principle: We can’t be right with God if we’re rebelling against human authority.



  1. Introduce the idea that we have to be obedient to authority figures in our daily lives. Your students may not have seen the direct correlation between this and their relationship with God.

  2. Ease into this discussion about what it means to submit to human authority. Your students will probably have their defenses up. This is OK. Go slowly and begin to explain why submitting to human authority is important.

  3. One of the first questions your students will think of is how they should react when authority figures act in ungodly ways. Tell them you will talk about this.

  4. Tell the students that God is clear about how He feels when people do not submit to the authority figures He places over our lives.

Thought 1: Human relationships have a direct impact on our relationship with God.

  1. God places authority figures in our lives for a reason.
  2. God is not pleased when we do not submit to authority figures in our lives.

Thought 2: Parental figures are very important to our formation as Christians

  1. We need to realize what God thinks about a young person obeying his or her parents.
  2. What if the authority in our lives is ungodly?


Our earthly relationships are connected to our relationship with our heavenly Father. It is imperative that we submit to the authority figures God places in our lives. God puts these people in our lives to help us, not hurt us. Godly advice and wisdom are worth their weight in gold. We need to start looking at authority figures such as parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors as gifts from God who help us on our spiritual journeys.

  1. How do you normally look at authority figures in your life? Do you reject their authority? Why/why not? What is their role in the kingdom of God?

  2. What does God intend to happen in our lives as a result of the influence of authority figures?

  3. Why does God make such a big deal out of being a humble person? What is the opposite of humility? What does God think about pride? Explain your answer.

  4. What are the rewards of having a Godly authority figures in your life? What are some positive ways your parents, coaches and teachers have impacted you? How have they helped you on your spiritual journey?

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