Recap: Wise Choices, Session 1 - Fear of God

Text: Proverbs 9:10; 2:1-11

Principle: We need to be people who say yes to God even before we know what He requires. 

  1. Relate an experience from your own life about a time when you received wisdom from God and it enabled you to make a good decision.
  2. Our natural inclination is to make unwise choices. We must rely on God for wisdom.
  3. Many people have problems seeing God that stem from a distorted view of who God is. The effects of that distorted view show up in this area of our lives, when we go everywhere but to God when we look for wisdom.
  4. As we begin to talk about wise choices, it is imperative that we start with the Lord. If we want wisdom, we must ask for it.

 Read: Proverbs 9:10

Thought 1: Wisdom begins with fearing God.

  1. The fear of the Lord is usually misunderstood.
    • Read: Proverbs 2:1-11
  2. We are a people who know very little about having deep reverence for God.
  3. The fear of God leads to wisdom.

Thought 2: To grasp God’s greatness and learn to fear Him, we must read the Bible.

  1. Throughout the Bible, God commands us to meditate on His word day and night (Deuteronomy 6 and Psalm 119:11, Colossians 3:16).
  2. Every book of the Bible displays God’s glory. By seeing His glory in His word, we learn to fear Him. This is why spiritual disciplines are important.
  3. When God pours out His kindness and grace on us, we should respond by fearing Him.


Sometimes all we need to do is ask God for wisdom. We need to fear God and trust in Him. When we ask Him, He answers. Encourage your students to be people who fear God, walk with Him, and ask Him for wisdom.

Discussion Questions:

  1. After going through today’s lesson, how would you define fearing God? How is this different from being afraid of Him?
  2. Why do you think the Bible spends so much time talking about the fear of God?
  3. Do you think people have lost a sense of what it means to fear God? What do you think God thinks about this?
  4. Why is fearing God the beginning of wisdom? How does a fear of God help us make wise choices?
  5. Who is to say what is wise and what is not? Who is the final authority on this? Why?


Remind your students that fearing God is not the same as being afraid of Him. God is a kind and gentle God waiting to pour His love and grace out to people. But we must remember and capture the importance of having a holy respect and fear for the Creator of the world. He is not a cosmic teddy bear who is on the same level as we are. God is seated high on the throne above all else. He spoke the word, and creation happened. When we see how big God is, we start to realize where true wisdom comes from. If we want to make wise choices, this is the place to start.

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