Tuesday | July 1, 2014

Eiger Mountain Range (Swiss Alps) - Grindelwald, Switzerland

Eiger Mountain Range (Swiss Alps) - Grindelwald, Switzerland

The portion of the Euroventure team from FBCM is finalizing travel preparations for tomorrow's departure while another nine team members have already arrived in Germany and are working with an IBC church in Oberusel. The team from First Baptist Maryville will arrive in Zurich on Thursday morning and take three trains, arriving in Grindelwald, Switzerland, on Thursday afternoon. Another team member will depart from Ft. Walton Beach, FL, and arrive on Thursday, and two others are scheduled to arrive in camp on Saturday. By Saturday evening, our 22-member team will finally be one cohesive group! We'll be staying in a former Swiss Army Barracks turned youth hostel. Additional training will take place in-country on Friday along with camp preparations. Students will begin arriving on Saturday morning, and we will kick-off the camp that night in the village community hall in the valley of the Eiger Mountain range.

That being said, please pray for safe travel among the four varied travel groups. Also, please pray for safe arrival of luggage containing materials needed for camp.

Most importantly, please pray for the students and sponsors who will be traveling from countries such as Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, and Switzerland to attend Euroventure Student Camp 2014 in Grindelwald. Many of these students are children of our U.S. military personnel stationed in Europe, while others are members of one of the 70+ English-language churches that make up The International Baptist Convention (IBC). The IBC is a fellowship of English-language churches and missions in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Central America, and South America. The convention is comprised of more than 70 English-language churches and missions located in 27 countries.

Your prayers are greatly needed and appreciated!

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