Our Mission

To be a point of entry and connection to our community while embodying Christian values through sports

    • Our T-Ball & Baseball Ministry will provide an opportunity for underprivileged children to learn a sport as well as values for life.

    We Serve

    Inner-city children and families of East St. Louis, IL


    “Is that the REAL Fredbird?!”  Oh yes, it was!!  Wide-eyed kids looked at Fredbird in awe as he surprised the players and volunteers on our CAC East St. Louis T-Ball ministry site on Saturday, May 28, 2016 .  This is the second year that our church has partnered with the Redbird Rookies program offering an opportunity for underprivileged children to learn the sport of T-ball as well as values for life.   Our eighteen volunteers serve throughout the summer program. The T-ball program is offered on Saturdays for six weeks.  Once the kids step onto the field, they put on their Redbird Rookies uniform, grab a glove, and warm up with a friendly game of catch.  After the warm-up, it’s time to play ball!  Our volunteer team teaches the players basic skills that are needed to play the game; as well as encourage and cheer them on along the way.  A team huddle wraps the game where our team leader leads them in a kid-friendly Bible Study time and prayer. If you are interested in serving during the 2017 season or want to know more please sign up below.

    2017 Ministry Schedule

    The 2017 has began. All practices are on Tuesday's at 6:30 p.m. and all games are on Saturday's at 10 a.m. Here is the schedule:

    • 5/16/2017 - 1st Practice
    • 5/23/2017 - Practice
    • 5/27/2017 - Game 1
    • 5/30/2017 - Practice
    • 6/03/2017  - Game 2
    • 6/06/2017 - Practice
    • 6/10/2017 - Game 3
    • 6/13/2017 - Practice
    • 6/17/2017 - Game 4
    • 6/20/2017 - Practice
    • 6/24/2017 - Game 5 | End of the Season


    • Coordinator: Mike Moore
    • If you would like to get involved in our T-Ball Ministry, please complete the interest form below: