After I submit the reservation form, what happens?

The reservation form is submitted via email to the Event Coordinator and Business Administrator. Depending on who you request for your minister, it may take up to 2 weeks to verify their availability for your wedding date. If the minister is not available, we will contact you and ask for your second preference or find a minister for you. Once the minister and the date is determined, the Event Coordinator will add your wedding to the church calendar and forward your reservation form on to our Wedding Coordinator. From there, the Wedding Coordinator will contact you and will act as a liason between you and the church. If you have any questions or concerns during the planning process, let the Wedding Coordinator know and they will take care of everything.

If I have my reception at the church, can I have dancing?

No. We do not allow dancing.

Are candles allowed in the Chapel?

Yes. If you use candles during your ceremony, please provide appropriate floor and table coverings to prevent wax from dripping onto our carpet.

Is it okay if we use rice, birdseed, or confetti?

No. Rice, birdseed, and confetti are not to be thrown anywhere on the church premises.

I attend a different church. Can my minister perform my wedding?

Yes. We do allow other ministers of like faith to perform wedding ceremonies after completing a short questionnaire provided by us. When completing the reservation form, please provide your minister's name and we will contact you to receive your minister's email address. From there, we will send the questionnaire to your minister and wait to receive his response. Your wedding will not be approved and added to our calendar until your minister is approved by our Ministerial Staff.