Welcome to the First Baptist Maryville Guest Wifi.

Terms and Conditions

This document establishes rules and prohibitions that define acceptable use of the GUEST network. Unacceptable use is prohibited, and is grounds for loss of Network privileges, as well as discipline or legal sanctions under federal, state or local laws.


First Baptist Maryville provided Internet/intranet privileges are church resources intended for church related purposes. Use of this network should never result in an expense to the church, or be harmful or embarrassing to the church, or which may be in violation of First Baptist Maryville’s Code of Conduct or Conditions of use agreement. Use of the Internet/intranet is subject to monitoring for security and network management and users may further be subject to limitations on their use of this resource.


Users shall not:

Use the Internet for any illegal purpose.

Upload, download or otherwise transmit commercial software or any copyrighted materials belonging to parties outside of the church or the church itself without written permission.

Visit Internet sites that contain illegal, obscene, or hateful content which is objectionable and inappropriate for the church environment.

Send or receive material that is obscene or defamatory or which is intended to annoy, harass or intimidate another person.


Because this network is owned by and was primarily created for First Baptist Maryville, you should not have an expectation of privacy for any information communicated through the network. As a condition of use, you consent and agree that First Baptist Maryville may monitor any communications transmitted or received on this network.


An individual’s network use privileges will be suspended immediately upon discovery of a violation of these policies.